Don’t let cold weather make you blue!


It is that time of year again and the weather is changing. There are going to be some gorgeous places across the country as the leaves change color. But, that only means snow and ice are soon to follow. The mountains can be a beautiful place in the fall. And quite scary in the winter if you are  not prepared in advance.

Vehicle preparation takes on a whole new dynamic when cold weather sets in. Preparation is key. Your vehicle inspections demand a little closer focus.

Make sure your tires will meet the challenge. Its no time to take the risk with low tread. Make sure your coolant is fresh. And by all means this is no place to cut corners. You get what you pay for no matter what color those gallon jugs are. Stick with proven formulas and products. It’s not worth taking the chance. Fifty per cent mix is common, but if you are traveling a lot in the frigid north feel free to take it up to sixty per cent. Don’t forget your windshield washer fluid as well. Avoid the surprise of have your tank freeze up. And finally, check your batteries SOC (state of charging). It is a good idea to check them with a digital voltmeter. And if they are over three years old, you may want to make a switch headed into the winter season.

Be safe, and keep the thermos full.

Ross Farris, Tennessee

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