Start a Career As a Professional Truck Driver


When considering a future career in the trucking industry, one must first know what steps are needed to gain licensure. Just like any other career, there are requirements and a list of skills that one must master, if he or she desires to do his or her job to the best of his or her ability. Each state has a list of federal requirements and standards that those wishing to attain a Commercial driving license must adhere to. The first stop on the road to licensure would be passing a knowledge test.

The First Stop To Licensure: The Knowledge Test

Knowledge tests and how many tests an individual will take depends on which particular licensure he or she is wising to gain. There are more than one type of vehicle that requires a CDL license in order to operate but not every vehicle requires the same license so more than one knowledge test may be required. Below you will find a list of possible knowledge tests that are required for CDL licensing.

  • General Knowledge Test – this test is taken by all applicants seeking his or her CDL license.
  • Passenger Transport Test – this test will need to be taken by those who wish to drive a bus.
  • Air Brakes Test – the air brake test is for every applicant who will be driving a vehicle with air brakes.
  • Combination Vehicles Test – this test is for those applicants who will be working with equipment configurations with which separate power units are involved along with a trailer.
  • Hazardous Materials Test – those applicants that will be working with transporting hazardous materials and waste will need to take this test.
  • Tanker Test – the tanker test is for those truck drivers that will be hauling liquids in bulk.
  • Double/Triple Test – this test is required if the applicant will be pulling double or triple trailers.

Once the required knowledge test has been accomplished, then the individual seeking licensure is able to move forward with his or her career by participating in the second leg of his career journey – the skills aspect of licensing.


written by Nicole Green

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