Are You Skilled Enough?


Surgery is a scary thing and the individual in need of operating wants to know that the doctor performing his operation is skilled and experienced in what he or she is doing. When considering a professional career in the trucking industry, the same rule of thumb applies. No trucking company wants to hire a driver who in not skilled or qualified to get behind the wheel. Vehicles that require a Commercial driving license are large and could cause bodily harm, if the driver is not properly trained. Any vehicle regardless of size has the potential to cause injury; however when it comes to driving a vehicle weighing in over 20,000 pounds, a special list of skills are needed in order for safety on the road to occur.

The Skills Tests

Driving is a skill that must be taught and the same is true when it comes to driving large trucks and trailers. In order to insure the highest of safety while on the road, one must pass the following three skills tests:

1.      Pre-Trip Vehicle Inspection – this test is to help determine if you the driver are aware of whether or not the vehicle you plan on operating is safe to drive. Your inspector will walk alongside your vehicle with you watching and listening to you perform your inspection; you will need to explain to the inspector what you are expecting and the reason behind it.

2.      Basic Vehicle Control – this test will test the basic driving skills of the individual seeking licensure. He or she will be asked to perform basic driving skills such as moving forward, backwards and turning in a pre-determined area. This area will most likely be outlined with cones, barriers or chalked driving lanes as to give a visual of real obstacles.

3.      On Road Driving – this test allows for real time situations in which one will be examined on how well he or she handles real traffic situations, turns and stops.

Congratulation! With the accomplishment of each test, you are one step closer to attaining your CDL licensure and paving your way to a new career!

written by Nicole Green

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